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A preview…

sketchbook pagesIt was mad dash to finish up my sketchbook these past few days, but I did it! My book is on its way to the Arthouse Co-Op in Brooklyn. Good thing the folks there gave us a 3 day extension, otherwise I don’t think it would have been possible for me to fill up all those pages. Above are a few of my favorite pages. The Sketchbook Project will be going on tour starting in March so check it out if you can! The tour stops in San Francisco mid-June…it will be so much fun to look through everyone’s books!


Sketchbook Project Update…

sketchbook projectFirst off, Happy New Year! One of my resolutions this year is to stay more organized and on top of things like long term projects…like the Sketchbook Project! I have completely forgotten about my poor little sketchbook until I found her last week underneath a pile of paper work. I have so many blank pages to fill and I only have two weeks to do it! Eep! Sometimes, a tight deadline really gets my creative juices flowing so fingers crossed that it won’t fail me this time. Stay tuned…

Zhou Fan

zhou fanI was browsing ffffound this afternoon for some inspiration and came across the work of Zhou Fan. I love the fine details and use of bright colors in his paintings. He says this series of paintings was based on dreams he had as a child of many jellyfish floating in the sky, some of which fell to the ground on parachutes and became mushrooms. That sounds just magical and lovely.

James Castle

Last week, over on A Fine Little Day, I  read about self-taught artist, James Castle. I was immediately fascinated by his work, reminiscent of Henry Darger. (Side note: Rance got me this book for V-Day. Awesome!) A quick search on Google resulted in a visit to the Berkeley Art Museum on Friday night (lucky me!). James Castle: A Retrospective is on exhibit there until April 25th.


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